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Editorial – January 13, 2018 at 11:26AM

posterstravaig2018.jpg?width=250With the help of the members here on The European House Concert Hub and Flyinshoes Review, Medicine Show Radio listeners and followers Presenter, Promoter Publicist Rob Ellen I will be embarking on a 10,000 Mile Road Trip “Looking For America”. 

“That in the words of The Proclaimer’s, is 5,000 Miles (and 5,000 more) but I hope not to be walking” says Rob “together we have bought. The Stateside Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile for the purpose (and the use of all House Concert hub members) we will be promoting the Music of our European Artist friends and Family Fold through The Medicine Show Records  “Looking For America Collection 2018” at at 2 international music conferences, at least 2 Festivals (so far) and as many House Concerts, Open Mics and Gigs as we can find in Bolder, Denver, Kansas City, St Louise, Nashville, Memphis, Austin, Houston, Dallas and points in-between (creek willing), visiting and exploring important Historical musical and cultural land marks along the way”.

If successful traversed after this 10 week Stravaig Roib hopes to leave behind a fully gig and broadcast ready RV and a list of friends that will help with gigs house concerts, open mics and radios in as many cities as possible along the trail (see below).

Here is how you can help http://ift.tt/2A8PFMr

The 2018 Stateside Stravaig is The Medicine Shows most ambitious project and my greatest personal adventure to date.

To that end! Rob goes on!

MericanMoose.jpg?width=360I’m hooking up with my friend the award winning Canadian songstress Ruth Purves Smith in Calgary, then heading out down through Montana,, Wyoming, Colorado and on to  Kansas City for Folk Alliance International where Ruth is sponsored by The Alberta Arts Council to play 4 show cases and is featured on their best of Compilation CD that will be gifted to every delegate at the Conference.

Follow the adventure on Face Book here  Stateside Moose Mobile

We are both on a tourist visa so can’t work in The States but would be interested in any listening rooms, open mics and Radio shows along the way that will have us for free,I will also like to record and broadcast as many artists along the way for our Radio listeners and social media friends and followers.

About Ruth Purves Smith. http://ift.tt/2r44z38


Ruth’s childhood rambled the prairie highways between urban and country homes. Her mother, a cultured English teacher, lived in the city, and her father and stepmother operated an antique woolen mill in Rural Alberta. This paradox is apparent in Ruth’s music. While the stories may appear to be simple, traditional country, they are supported by a sound that pulls influence from the city: complicated, restless and sometimes loud.

The story of Ruth’s career is no different. 
Having charted on CKUA’s Yearly Top 100, garnered licensing to MTV, and gathered all rave reviews Internationally, Ruth Purves Smith is a gem of Central Alberta’s Original Music Scene.

She is in full stride performing, writing, recording, & promoting her diverse brand of Alberta Music.Ruth will wander you through places & tales of darkness and light, as did the Bards of old and as we intend to do the same across America this spring.


ApealJpg.jpg?width=150Help keep the Moose on The Road here.



Here is a rough itinerary!

Calgary 6 7 Feb

Montana/Wyoming Colorado 8 9  (15 hours)

Wounded Knee / Mount Rushmore 10

Boulder/Denver  11 Feb 5 hrs

Kansas City 13 14 15 16  Folk Alliance (8 hr)

Dodge City Oklahoma City 18 17  (5 hr)

Red River Station  19 exploring The Chisholm Trail (6hr)

Denton/Fort Worth 19 20  The Chisholm Trail (1.5hr)

Lafayette 21 22 23  (Cajun Trail 8hr)

New Orleans 24 25 26 27 (2.25hr)

Montgomery 28 (5 hr) Hank Williams Grave

Tupelo 29 30  (Elvis Trail) (3hrs)

Memphis 31 1 2  (2hr)

Nashville March 3 4 5 6 7 (5hr) (Stephanie Urbina Jones Shaman Heart Launch ) (2hr)

Austin 8  – 18 SXSW (18hrs)

Texas 19 20 21 22 23 24

Dallas  25 26  (Texas Revolution Festival with The O’s ) http://ift.tt/2mzTiCY  


Feed: http://ift.tt/1J7TdNm
Inoreader Page: http://ift.tt/2mxs2Fm
Blog post: http://ift.tt/2r0R18q

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