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Lucinda Williams meets Janis Joplin–Holly Renee Allen is a fiery, country/blues siren. And she smokes and smolders through her new album, Red Dirt Soul. Sounding like a southern fried Susan Tedeschi, Holly moves effortlessly between country, blues and gospel like Bonnie Raitt in her prime.”

Family Reunion Country

“She’s a natural! Raw edge with a southern soul. She can turn a phrase with the best of them.”

Johnny Sanlin

“Charlottesville gal, Holly Renee Allen is kicking it good with her new Red Dirt Soul CD. A soulful blend of flavors from the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Bonnie Raitt–Yes, Holly Renee Allen’s got soul, and plenty of it!”

Greg Tutwiler, Americana Rhythm

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