Oct 122017

Zorn – October 12, 2017 at 08:08AM

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The White Buffalo (a.k.a. Jake Smith) is back with his sixth full-length album and sees Jake explore more into the country & blues territory. Don’t worry White Buffalo fans, the signature sounds are still here.

For those that don’t know who The White Buffalo is. He’s a singer-songwriter that plays a mixture of Americana, “outlaw” country, rock and even has a bit of a punk influence thrown in there as well. His vocals are incredible and always compare them as a hodge podge of Eddie Vedder, Mike Ness, Tom Waits and Richie Havens.

The opening track “Hide and Seek” sounds a little different than what he has does in the past. It’s more honky tonk/blues kind of country, especially with the way he’s singing the song. The next track, “Avalon,” is more in line with why love White Buffalo’s music. Fast, catchy, Americana rock tune that showcases his excellences as a storyteller and his vocals just fit this style more. The Tom Waits influence shows up in “Robbery,” where I can just picture Jake singing the song in a dark, smokey jazz lounge. Stray Cats pop in my head for that song as well.

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