May 192017

Maurice Hope – May 19, 2017 at 12:16PM


Leeds based 5-piece One Four Six One are a hugely talented set of aspiring musicians, and who have already stacked up an interesting history. The boys have not only ventured to the other side of the pond to perform live but record. Not bad for a fledgling act.  


Musically, they hit the boards hard, and not surprisingly they have a great deal of drive and energy going spare, but it is on the occasions they become a little more innovative their light shines strongest. As heard on “I’m Here”; the opening passage in particular is most impressive as hints of Sting and his days with the Police spring to mind. While I would have preferred they had pursued the style longer, the track remains strong. “Die Or Survive” like with the other two tracks “I’ve Got the Time” and “It Feels Right” have One Four Six One meet the listener head on. I was intrigued and very much welcomed by the use of violin on “Die Or Survive” as they become a little more creative.

Rock may well be their preferred genre, but there is more to the boys than them simply stoking it up with electric guitar. For with excellent lead vocals, harmonies and a tight as a drum sound the boys coming from both sides of the Scottish border provide is a little for everyone. here with more set to follow.   


                                                Maurice Hope     

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